Friday, July 5, 2013


I love the free section on Craigslist. More often than not, the post is gone before you see it. This week though, I scored, and I am very excited about it. My husband.... not so much.

Free books!!! Tons of them!! 

They filled up the back of our Tahoe and, and spilled over into our trailer. Books of all kids. Kids stories, Young Adult Novels, Religious books, Non fiction, textbooks. You name it, I got it!! I had a huge grin on my face as we were loading them up. The couple we got them from were moving out of state and had to get rid of them. She called herself a book hoarder. Hmmm... Is that what I am? 

The back of the Tahoe is full of non fiction and religious books. They haven't even been unloaded yet, I need to get some heavy duty boxes! From the owners house, we carried them out about twenty at a time. It took for ever! 

I have only been able to go through the kids books so far, and I am excited. There are some great books, and lots of them.

 Workbooks, learning books, and lots on cursive writing, which is something that schools aren't teaching kids anymore. I'm not a fan of cursive writing, I never use it, but I have adapted cursive style into my everyday writing.

I found some books that I remember from my childhood. 

Of course, everyone remembers Good Night Moon. I also loved Good Night Gorilla: the story of the zoo keeper trying to get the big bafoon into his cage. Johnny Appleseed by Stephen Kellogg, with his amazing installations (As Steven Kellogg always does). 
A Pocket for corduroy... Not the same book that I remember as a child, but a continuation I am sure. My two favorites, The Digging-est Dog, and The Best Nest Ever. I used to love these books!

The boys are excited, we have a limited supply of books here. More than most, but still limited. If they read like I did when I was little, the Hopkins Library isn't going to do it for them.

I signed the boys up for the Summer reading programs, and one of them is almost done with the requirement of reading 25 books within the summer time frame.I signed up for the reading program to, with the commitment that I would read to the kids for 30 miniatures each night. So far...
 I have failed. 
I want to read them the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, but with all these other options we may have to rethink our options. Maybe find something more boyish.

What are some of your favorite books from your childhood, or ones that you love to read to your childrens?

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  1. You completely scored! Very jealous!!